Dynamic and Static Stretches for Your Inner Thighs

Dynamic and Static Stretches for Your Inner Thighs: What are they?

A dynamic stretching exercise is one which involves movement at different speeds or intensities. A static stretching exercise is one which does not involve any type of movement whatsoever. Both types of exercises have their benefits and drawbacks, but it depends upon your personal preference.

The purpose of these two types of stretches is to improve flexibility in the hip flexors (the muscles located between the buttocks). Hip flexor flexibility helps in maintaining balance during walking, running, jumping and other activities involving forward or backward motion.

There are many ways to perform these exercises. Some people do them standing up while others lie down with their legs extended out straight before performing the exercises. There are even some people who do both standing and lying down variations simultaneously!

What Are They Good For?

These exercises are good for improving flexibility in the hip flexors because they increase blood flow to the area. These types of stretches also strengthen the muscles surrounding the hip flexors. This will allow you to walk faster, run faster, jump higher and perform other activities requiring greater strength in your hips without having to strain yourself too much.

How Do You Perform Them?

Dynamic stretches involve a lot of movement. The hip flexors are stretched during these stretches as well. However, the hip flexors only get a light stretch during these exercises since they are not holding still like they would be if you were to do a static stretch for them.

There are many ways to perform dynamic stretches for the hip flexors. Here are just a few examples of dynamic stretches for the hip flexors. You can also check out other websites for more ideas on dynamic stretches.

(NOTE: Before attempting any of these exercises, please consult your doctor first to make sure that they are appropriate for you. Do not perform any exercises which cause you pain.)

Sitting Cross-Legged Pose: This stretch is best performed when you are sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. Slowly bring your hands up to the top of each foot so that the fingers are touching the feet. Inhale slowly and then exhale while pulling your right foot towards your right buttock.

Place your right hand on your upper right thigh while you do this. Hold for 5 seconds and then switch sides.

Standing Forward Bend: Start by standing straight up with your feet together and arms at your sides. Slowly bend forward keeping your back as straight as possible. Try to touch your head to your knees.

Hold for 5 seconds and then slowly straighten your back out again.

Lying Down Hamstring Stretch: Lie down on the floor with one leg straightened out completely and the other leg bent towards your body so that your toe is touching the floor. Place both hands on the straightened-out leg and slowly pull it towards you while keeping the other leg flexed so that you feel a stretch in your hamstring. Hold for 5 seconds and then switch legs.

There are also many other types of stretches you can do for the hip flexors. These are just a few of them to give you an idea of what is involved with dynamic stretching for the hip flexors.

You can also find many more examples of these stretches online as well as other websites which provide a more detailed description of the stretches and how to perform them correctly. Just be careful when performing these stretches that you do not bounce or jerk around. This can cause you to strain a muscle.

Always stretch gently and hold the stretch for at least 5 seconds.

With these exercises, you will be able to improve your flexibility as well as the strength of your hip flexors and surrounding muscles. The stronger these muscles are, the less likely you are to suffer from hip-related injuries which can sometimes force you out of the game completely.

You might also consider giving your hamstrings some love with stretching as well (just don’t stretch them before running!):

Hamstring Stretches

As you can see there are many stretch exercises you can perform to keep your body flexible and strong so you can continue to enjoy the fantastic world of sports.

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