Does Penis Size Actually Matter

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

In the world today, there are many different factors which influence our life decisions. For example, some people want to have children while others don’t. Some people like to travel while others prefer staying at home. There are so many things which affect our lives and it is very difficult for us to make a decision based solely on physical appearance alone.

However, there are certain physical characteristics which are considered attractive or unattractive. One such characteristic is the size of one’s genitals. If someone looks at you and says “I would like to have sexual relations with you” then they probably mean that they want to have sexual relations with your genitalia. However, if someone says “I would like to marry you”, then their words may not necessarily imply that they’re going to marry your whole body.

The reason why people say these things is because they believe that having large genitals will attract potential mates. That being said, there are several studies which show that this belief isn’t true. People tend to look at other people’s bodies when making a decision about whether or not to mate with them. They also tend to compare their own bodies against those of others when deciding whether or not to mate with them.

People are more likely to choose mating partners who have small genitalia than they are to choose those which have large genitalia.

If this information makes you believe that having a small genitalia is better than having a large one, then you are mistaken. There are many other physical factors which affect whether or not one can attract mates (like facial symmetry and body shape for example). In fact, there are some animals (such as dolphins) where the genitalia of one partner is inside the body of the other!

In conclusion, size does matter when it comes to attracting mates. However, it’s not the size of your genitalia which matters as much as it is that of your face and body. While it may be true that some people care about the size of your genitalia, these people probably aren’t worth having a relationship with anyway.

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