Does Masturbation Cause or Treat Anxiety

Masturbation causes or treats anxiety?

The answer to this question depends on your perspective. For some it is a no brainer. For others, it may not be so clear cut. There are many reasons why masturbation might cause or treat anxiety:

1) You have a low libido (or even if you do, you don’t want to go through with it).

2) Your body is stressed out from other things like work, school etc.

3) You are having trouble falling asleep due to stress.

4) You are just too shy to ask someone else for help.

If any one of these is true then masturbation won’t be good for you! If all of them are true, then masturbation will definitely make your life better.

What Causes Masturbation?

In order to understand masturbation, you need to first understand what causes sexual desire in the first place. The most common answer is hormones. Hormones are chemicals produced within our bodies that affect how we feel emotionally and physically. These hormones include testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and dopamine. When these hormones are high, they cause us to experience pleasure when we engage in certain activities such as masturbating or eating food. These hormones are also what cause us to desire those activities. However, we also engage in new habits because our minds are conditioned to do them from an early age. We learn to do certain things because we were rewarded for them when we were young.

How Does Masturbation Help Anxiety?

As you may know, anxiety is a state of worry, fear and unease due to perceived dangers or threats which has a negative effect on your thought processes, behavior and health. While it is true that masturbation would cause you to worry and fear the dangers of engaging in this activity, the release of dopamine that it causes actually calms you down. This makes you feel good and alleviates your anxiety.

Like other types of addictions, anxiety can be caused by a need for certain chemicals within your body. In this case, they are the hormones that I mentioned earlier which include testosterone and dopamine. While masturbation doesn’t necessarily increase your testosterone levels, it does increase your dopamine levels. This is an effective way to soothe anxiety because it causes you to associate a positive emotion with the act of self-gratification in order to discourage you from feeling anxious in the future.

Does Masturbation Have Any Other Benefits?

Since you are using your hands to pleasure yourself, masturbation provides a good upper body workout.

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