Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss? And 11 Other Questions Answered

Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?

And 11 Other Questions Answered

Is masturbation bad for your health?

Masturbating can cause many problems including: Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Kidney Failure and more.

Is it good for your health?

Yes! Masturbation is very beneficial to your body. It helps you stay fit and healthy. You can even lose weight if you masturbate regularly.

Is it bad for your health?

No! Masturbation is not harmful to your health. It’s just something that men do when they’re bored or lonely. They may get addicted to it but eventually they’ll stop doing it because its unhealthy and unproductive.

How often do I have to ejaculate before my hair starts growing back?

The average number of times per month to ejaculate is between 3 and 5. If you are having trouble reaching climax, try increasing the amount of time you spend at it. For example, if you usually last 30 minutes then increase that to 1 hour or 2 hours. Try going longer periods of time without touching yourself during the day so that your body gets used to being without stimulation. Practicing Kegel exercises can also help you last longer during sexual sessions. After a few months of doing this your body should be able to go longer without ejaculating.

Can too much masturbation cause hair loss?

There are no medical studies indicating that excessive masturbation causes hair loss. There is one theory which states that it does but there is no factual evidence to back this up. One common myth is that excessive masturbation can drain the body of its nutrients and necessary energy, therefore the body begins to suffer from a lack of these things and hair loss occurs. There is no proof that this is true though.

By now you may find yourself asking, “Well then why does my hair keep falling out when I masturbate a lot?”

There are many reasons for this and they include: Stress, poor diet, medical conditions, etc. The number one reason why people lose hair is genetic. If you’re under a lot of stress then your body will not be able to fight off the things that cause hair loss.

Can excessive masturbation lead to a weak bladder?

There are no medical studies which have proved that excessive masturbation leads to a weak bladder. Normally, when someone suffers from a weak bladder they have an overactive bladder, which means they need to urinate more frequently. There is no evidence that masturbation affects the bladder. In fact, studies have shown that people who ejaculate more often do not suffer from an overactive bladder. If you suffer from a weak bladder there are treatments and exercises you can do in order to strengthen it.

Is it true that if you have wet dreams it means you’re not getting enough exercise?

Well… it’s complicated. A “no” and a “yes” seems to be the correct answer here. It’s been said that if you’re not getting enough exercise then your body will begin storing fluids in your tissues. The more inactive you are, the less your body will be able to get rid of excess liquid. So, this liquid has to go somewhere and it usually ends up being expelled while you’re asleep (so you don’t mess your pants). So in a way you could say that a wet dream is your bodys way of balancing itself out. However, this doesn’t mean you should skip the gymnasium and spend all your time masturbating! You still need to keep your body healthy in more than one way.

I only masturbate using my right hand.

Does this mean I’ll be left handed when I grow up?

Quite the contrary. It is physically impossible to suffer “damage” to your brain or body as a result of masturbating. Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself. If you were to use one hand more often than the other then theoretically, the stronger hand would become stronger and the weaker hand would become weaker.

Does this happen?

Not really. Both hands develop more or less strength in nearly equal amounts.

Why do I get dizzy when I masturbate a lot?

There are no studies which have shown that masturbation can cause one to get dizzy. Feeling lightheaded is normal when you’re about to ejaculate but dizziness isn’t. One could say that you’re just feeling the effects of your overactive imagination. Next time, try to focus on something else other than your mom or sister.

Does masturbation cause hair loss?

In short, no. There are studies which shows a correlation between the two but they are inconclusive. We can assume it causes some sort of hormonal imbalance but not enough to make you go bald.

Does masturbating a lot make you weak?

The weakness comes from not eating properly or sleeping enough, not masturbation. Ofcourse, there is such a thing as excess of everything.

Why is my stomach bloated after masturbating a lot?

It most probably isn’t. We’ve all been there. After an intense session of playing with yourself, you look a bit bloated. This is just CO2 reacting with the acid in your stomach. You’re not pregnant or growing a second head.

Do I need to clean under my nails after masturbating?

No. The next person you have sexual contact with will thank you for not having a stinky finger.

Is it true that if I don’t ejaculate for a long time then it can impair my ability to do so when I’m with a real woman?

No, this is just an excuse for some men to stop themselves from pleasuring themselves. Ejaculating is good for you and it’s healthy. If you’re worried about “shootin’ too quick” then next time, just don’t think about anything remotely exciting. If you’re still worried then by all means, try and hold it in a little bit. But remember, there are more ways to please a woman than just vaginal penetration. (see foreplay)

Is it true that masturbating a lot can make you go blind?

No, this is an old myth which has been discredited for a long time.

Is it true that masturbating a lot can make you go insane or develop psychological problems?

Again, this is an old myth which has been discredited. The people who started this rumor were probably offended by your rampant sexuality and wanted to shame you into abstinence. If anyone is suffering from psychological problems, it’s people who are against masturbation. There are endless health benefits and it’s a natural instinct. Shame on anyone who tries to stop you!

And finally…

Can over-masturbating destroy your genitals?

NO. NO. A THOUSAND TIMES, NO! This has got to be one of the most illogical myths ever to have existed. There is not enough information in the world to even start on why this is impossible but to put it very simply, your genitals aren’t going to melt or fall off completely. Some people believe that it can affect your genitals but only in a very minor way, for example, making your “man-hairs” grow faster. If you’re really worried about this then please refer back to the question above this one about cleaning under your nails.

If you ever encounter anyone who believes this lie, please educate them.


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