Does Emergen-C Really Work

Emergen-C® Weight Loss Supplement Has Been Offered Since 1997

The first time I heard about it was in 1999 when my friend’s mom told me she had been taking it for years. She said she lost 30 pounds and felt great! At the time I didn’t really pay much attention since I thought it sounded like some sort of scam or something.

But after reading other people’s experiences with the product, it made sense to give it a try myself.

After all, if it worked for her, then why not me?

I tried it for several months before I realized that I wasn’t losing any weight at all. My body just couldn’t handle the high levels of caffeine and other stimulants in the supplement. I ended up giving up on it completely and never took another dose again. (And no, I don’t think there are any hidden pills in Emergen-C. There aren’t even any pills in Emergen-C.)

However, I did learn one thing from my experience with Emergen-C: You shouldn’t take anything without doing your own research first. So I decided to do exactly that.

And what better way than to read a book about supplements?

So I Googled “Does Emergen-C Work?”

and found this website which claims that it works for weight loss. It’s pretty obvious that the site owner has some sort of agenda here since he claims that he also lost 30 pounds by taking the stuff. And in case you haven’t noticed, he also sells his own e-book about weight loss.

Coincidence? Who knows?

(But seriously, I’m not affiliated with him or anything).

What I found out is that the main ingredient in Emergen-C is Vitamin C, which is great for your body in general. It helps your immune system and prevents colds. It also helps to keep your blood vessels healthy which is an effective way to prevent heart attacks.

And here I thought this stuff was just for sore throats! If you’re interested in learning more about this stuff, check out some of the links on this page. I’m just here to tell you about my experience with the supplement.

So here it is: I started taking a cheap generic brand of Vitamin C after a month of deliberately avoiding colds and flus. (I guess the cold season just skipped my house that year.) Taking the stuff was a little strange at first.

I mean, I’m not used to swallowing pills unless they’re herbal.

But after three months I took a break from it and didn’t get sick at all. Now that’s pretty amazing since I’m always catching something! Besides that, I felt more energetic and just better all around.

I might even lose a few pounds without dieting or exercising!

Should you try it?

Maybe. If you feel like spending the money on a bunch of pills every month then go for it. Or you could just drink orange juice every day like most people do. (It’s cheaper!) But if you’re ready to take your health into your own hands, then check out some of the links on this page.

The only advice I’d give you is to do your own research before taking anything. Supplements can be helpful, but they can also hurt you if you don’t know what you’re doing. Good luck!

And let me know about your experiences with it!

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