Demystifying the Call of the Void

The Call of the Void Ocean:

What is it? What does it mean? Why do some choose to embrace its power while others avoid it entirely?

These are questions that many have pondered over time. Some believe that they will become stronger if they embrace the call of the void; others say that embracing it will lead them into madness or even death. However, there are those who feel differently about this phenomenon. They see the potential of this ocean and feel that it could bring great change to their lives. There are those who have gone so far as to travel to the place where the ocean resides, but most don’t bother with such things. Most simply accept what fate has chosen for them, which is why these questions remain unanswered…

Demystifying the Call of the Void Ocean:

There are two main theories about how this mysterious force works. One says that it’s all based around the soul. That is, the energy of souls is what fuels this force. Others believe that it’s just a manifestation of the mind. This would explain why some choose to embrace it and others avoid it altogether.

Regardless of whether or not you subscribe to either theory, one thing remains true: no matter your beliefs, you must face up to this powerful force and make a decision about how you wish to utilize its powers in your life.

The Temptation of the Void:

Most people refer to this force as the ‘Temptation of the Void’, and there’s a reason for that. It’s because it can easily get you into trouble if you’re not careful! Contrary to popular belief, this force isn’t something that is just going to make you more powerful or allow you to cast spells without any effort on your part. While that is true to an extent, the main focus of this force is much more than that. Its main purpose is to eliminate your deepest fears.

Now, think back to when you were but a child.

Remember all of those times when you had a nightmare or something frightened you? When you woke up from that nightmare, your fear would soon subside, correct?

This is similar in nature, but much more powerful. You are unleashing your most primal instincts. Any fear you could possibly have, even fears that you might not even be aware of (or not even real in some cases) will be released. If you are not prepared to face your deepest, most primal fears, then you may lose yourself in the process.

Demystifying the Call of the Void Ocean:

Nobody’s entirely sure how this force works. Some people are of the mind that it’s a location that you store away deep in your mind. There are others who believe that it’s a portal that opens up and connects you to a different realm. One thing that people do know about this force, is that it’s incredibly powerful. Those who have mastered the power of the mind can easily recognize this.

Those with an affinity to shadow or darkness also tend to feel its prescence. This is why it’s sometimes referred to as an ocean. The Sea of Shadows is the name that the Dornans refer to it as in their tales, but most people are unaware of this name.

It’s important to remain grounded when using the Call of the Void. People have become lost in its power before and have lost themselves entirely. This results in a loss of identity and even madness. The only way to combat this is to use the power of the mind. People with a stronger sense of self and a powerful mind will be able to resist the effects of the Call of the Void’s more violent tendencies.

Those who choose to use the force must be careful, as there may very well come a day when they are no longer in control of themselves. This is especially true when using the dark side of the force. It is for this reason why Blademasters often choose not to use this power as they wish to remain in complete control of themselves.

Darkness and Light:

The words ‘darkness’ and ‘light’ are used to describe the usage of the Call of the Void. This is important to note because one will use the power for either good or evil. Everyone has the ability to use this force, but most will not be able to access it unless they train in the ways of a Blademaster or through their own sheer willpower.

The light side of the force is a more defensive power. It blocks out the darker elements that one may experience in life. This makes it easier for people to continue on with life without being burdened by their emotions and primal fears. The light side is actually quite potent as it can heal and protect against the forces of evil. People who use the power are often associated with being kind and pure of heart.

The dark side of the force is a more offensive power. It taps directly into one’s inner emotions, most commonly anger, fear, and hatred. The dark side of the force taps into these emotions and unleashes them upon your enemies. The dark side is much less subtle than the light side. It can also be dangerous as tapping into primal emotions can lead to losing yourself to these feelings.

People who use the power are often associated with being rebels and outcasts.

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