Debunking the ‘Obesity Code’ Diet

The Obesity Code Summary:

According to the obesity code summary, there are many reasons why people become obese. These include genetics, environment (food), lifestyle choices (exercise) and social factors (social support). According to the obesity code summary, most people do not want to lose weight. They believe they need to maintain their current size because it helps them feel better physically or psychologically. There are several myths associated with the obesity code summary.

Myth 1: If you eat less food, your body will burn off excess calories and you won’t gain weight.

Fact: Eating fewer calories than what you expend does not result in losing weight. Excess energy stored as fat cells cannot be burned off; instead, it stays around indefinitely and contributes to disease risk.

Myth 2: People who exercise regularly lose weight easily due to their increased metabolism and decreased appetite.

Fact: Exercise may increase metabolic rate but it does not cause weight loss. Exercising doesn’t make you lose weight either. You might lose some water weight but that is only temporary and even if you lost all your remaining fat, you would still have extra muscle mass so your body composition wouldn’t change much. Your muscles will continue to grow which means they will store more calories than before and you will remain overweight even after exercising less.

Myth 3: You can lose weight on a specific diet. All you need to do is just maintain it and you will keep the weight off.

Fact: There is no such thing as a perfect diet. No one particular food is better than the other. Instead of following any type of fad diet, it is better to increase the amount of nutrient-dense foods and whole grains in your diet. In addition, limit the amount of added sugar and salt in your food.

Myth 4: You can lose weight by doing more cardio exercises than strength training routine.

Fact: You can gain muscle mass and lose fat simultaneously in the same amount of time as you spent doing cardio exercises. You should focus on both strength training routine and cardiovascular exercises.

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