Dangers of Red Mold and How to Remove

Dangerous Red Molds:

Red mold is one of the most dangerous types of molds. They are very hardy and they grow everywhere. These molds cause many health problems including eye infections, respiratory infection, skin irritation and even death.

What Causes Red Mold?

The main reason why red mold is so harmful is because it contains toxins which cause various diseases such as pneumonia, meningitis, bronchial asthma and other lung infections. The toxins that these molds produce can also cause death in high concentration.

Red molds are usually found in damp places, such as bathrooms or kitchens that have leaky roofs. They can also grow in hot humid summers and they can easily survive without adequate air.

They can also grow on food that has been kept in conditions where there’s red mold. You should discard any food that has acquired red mold and throw it away. You should also remove the contaminated carpet and replace it with new.

If you notice red mold on your walls, ceiling or floor, do not panic. You just need to get rid of the red mold. If you have children or family members that spend a lot of time in the bathroom, then you should attempt to eliminate the mold since kids are more susceptible to its effects.

There are also some simple steps you can take to eliminate the mold from walls.

How to Get rid of Mold on walls?

There are a few ways to eliminate mold from the walls. You can use bleach or ammonia to destroy the mold, but you should still wear protective gear to avoid skin irritation.

The other way to eliminate mold is by using an air source for 24 hours. Make sure that the area is well ventilated, and do not smoke or have any open flames in the area. The mold will disappear in the air after the area is well ventilated.

If you still notice mold after using the above ways, you should contact a professional to take care of the mold problem. You should also keep pets or family members out of the room for at least 12 hours.

It is always best to call a professional if you notice water stains or black spots on your walls.

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