Cymbalta and Alcohol: Are They Safe Together

Cymbalta Side Effects

The following are some of the most common side effects of Cymbalta. These include: dizziness, dry mouth, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, headache and muscle twitches.

Some patients have reported that they experience these symptoms after taking Cymbalta for only one week or less. There is no evidence that any of these side effects are dangerous and there is no reason to stop using Cymbalta without talking with your doctor first.

Drowsiness: Dizziness may occur during the day or at night. It usually begins within 15 minutes of starting treatment and lasts until the patient falls asleep.

If it occurs before bedtime, then it will continue into the next morning. The onset of dizziness is not always accompanied by other symptoms such as confusion, anxiety, agitation, hallucinations or delusions. In fact many patients report feeling well when they take Cymbalta because their sleep problems have been alleviated.

Nausea: Nausea is generally mild and does not last long. Patients often feel full even though they ate little or nothing.

Sometimes patients experience abdominal pain, but this is uncommon.

Vomiting: Vomiting may occur several times per day or only once every few days. Most patients vomit up blood, which contains bile salts (lipid) and other substances from the liver.

Diarrhea: A small portion of patients have experienced diarrhea. Many patients have experienced black, tarry stools, but this is probably due to poor digestion of blood rather than actual bleeding in the intestines or stomach.

Dry mouth: Many patients complain of a dry mouth that occurs during the day or when they are at rest. It sometimes causes them to wake up at night and it may be worse when they first take the drug.

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