Causes of Penis Irritation and What to Do About It

Causes of Penis Irritation and What to Do About It:

1) The Foreskin :

The most common cause of penile irritation is the tightness or lack thereof in the skin around the head of the phallus. If there are any other causes such as burns, infections, or trauma then they will affect only part of your body. However if all parts are affected then it would definitely be a problem. The tightness may not even be noticeable at first but it will become more apparent with time.

2) Tight Orgasmic Glands :

If you have an excessive amount of sexual fluids (ejaculate), then this can cause friction burn on the sensitive areas. You might experience burning sensations when having penetrative sexual activity or during masturbation. This condition is called “Orgasmic Gland Disease”. There are various types of orgasms. Some include ejaculation, clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration, and manual stimulation.

These types of orgasms are known as “orgasmic” because they involve the release of fluid from the reproductive organs.

3) Body Fat Distribution :

You might have a large amount of fat around your abdomen which makes your skin very sensitive to friction. Your fat might rub against your underwear or pants and cause irritations. This usually results in severe itching and redness in the affected area. Some people have such a large amount of fat around their waist that it makes it difficult to button up their pants, which can result in rashes.

4) Cellulite :

If you have a specific type of fat known as “cellulite”, then this may also irritate your skin if it rubs against your clothing. Cellulite is a type of fat that causes skin to take on a dimpled appearance. If you have more than average amounts of this type of fat, then it can rub against your clothing and cause rashes. Friction from the skin rubbing against clothing can also cause irritation on its own even in people who do not have excess fat.

5) Allergies :

You may be allergic to certain types of materials that compose your clothing. Allergies can cause an increase in the production of mucus, which can in turn irritate the skin. Allergies may cause you to have rashes and other types of skin problems even outside of the area that is being affected. Some common materials that people are allergic to include Nickel, wool, latex, dyes, and other materials.

6) Skin Conditions :

If you have a skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, or dandruff then you may experience irritation. Certain types of fungus and bacteria can also cause irritation. These types of conditions are usually the main causes of irritation in the genital region. The most common skin problems are described below:

A) Eczema : This is a condition that results in itchy, red skin.

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