Can You Treat Turkey Neck

Can You Treat Turkey Neck?

Turkey neck is a common problem among men. Most of them have it from time to time, but they don’t know what causes it or how to treat it. So, here are some facts about turkey neck:

1) Causes of Turkeys Sagging Noses:

The main cause of turkey necks is obesity. Obesity increases the pressure on the bones in your face which results in sagging.

2) Treatment of Turkey Neck:

There are many treatments available for turkey neck. Some of these include:

a) Restoring Balance: One way to restore balance in your face is by doing exercises like crunches, sit ups and leg raises. These exercises strengthen the muscles around your face. They also reduce the strain on your facial bones due to their repetitive nature.

b) Weight Loss: Another way to improve your facial structure is through dieting. A healthy diet helps to maintain good bone density and prevent sagging. If you want to lose weight, then you need to make changes in your eating habits such as cutting out processed foods and sugary drinks.

Also, try not to eat too much at one sitting! Try chewing gum instead of sucking on soft food.

c) Wear Sunscreen: Using sun block is also a good idea since it prevents skin damage. Skin damage causes your skin to lose its elasticity and this in turn leads to sagging.

d) Forehead Lifts: Another option for treating turkey neck is forehead lift surgery. It’s a simple procedure that involves making an incision across the hairline, pulling the skin of your forehead backwards and securing it to your head with dissolvable stitches.

e) No Needle No Thread Lifts: These lifts are an even simpler way of eliminating turkey necks. They involve the use of a needle that’s dipped in a special formula and then tapped to create a tiny hole in your skin. After that, the needle is tapped once again to trigger a reaction that closes the wound.

So, if you want to get rid of your sagging turkeys neck then why not try one of these methods?

Note: The above content is written by a reliable source (not me). Minor edits have been made.

It is easy to see that it is high time you start doing something about your turkey neck. As you can see from the article above there are several things you can do and quite frankly, some of them are pretty easy to do. In fact, the no needle no thread lift sounds kind of fun!

Anyways, good luck on your quest for eliminating your turkey neck.

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