Bruised Lung (Pulmonary Contusion)

Bruised Lung (Pulmonary Contusion)

The term “bruise” is used when referring to the skin or soft tissue injury caused by trauma. When it comes to pneumothorax, however, there are two types of injuries: 1) a puncture wound; 2) a tear in the airway.

A puncture wound occurs when air enters the lungs through a small hole in your body wall. The air may then go out through another hole in your body wall. A puncture wound is usually not life threatening if treated promptly. However, a tear in the airway is often fatal if left untreated.

A Pulmonary Contusion Is Not Just A Puff Of Smoke Or Smoke From Another Cigarette

When someone smokes cigarettes, they inhale smoke from other tobacco products such as cigars, pipes, hookahs and even some e-cigarettes. These products contain nicotine, which is addictive.

Nicotine causes the release of chemicals called catecholamines into the blood stream. Catecholamines affect various parts of the brain and nervous system, including those responsible for breathing.

Cigarettes cause damage to your lungs because they contain tar, carbon monoxide and other toxic substances that block oxygen flow to your bloodstream. Over time, these toxic substances build up in your body, making it more difficult for you to breathe normally.

Puffing on a cigarette causes smoke to enter your lungs. Toxic substances in the smoke can lead to a number of adverse health conditions, including lung cancer, emphysema and other serious respiratory problems.

Even a single cigarette can cause breathing difficulties that may be life-threatening. A single cigarette can cause a condition called “smoker’s cough”

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