Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Your Scalp

Tea Tree Oil for Hair Loss: A Review

The following are some of the benefits of tea tree oil for your scalp.

1) It reduces dandruff – it’s not just a natural remedy to treat dry skin; it works wonders on dandruff too!

Dandruff is caused by dead skin cells clogging up pores and blocking the flow of moisture into the scalp. When these dead skin cells accumulate, they block the flow of water and nutrients to the scalp causing it to become dry. By killing off these dead skin cells, you reduce dandruff and its symptoms.

2) It helps with hair loss – there have been many studies done on the effects of tea tree oil on hair loss.

Some say that it increases the amount of new blood vessels in the scalp which stimulates follicles to produce more hairs. Other studies show that it kills off dead skin cells and promotes hair growth. There is no conclusive evidence yet whether or not tea tree oil causes permanent changes in your body, but if you use it regularly, then you will certainly see results!

3) It’s antibacterial and anti-fungal – thanks to its powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, tea tree oil can be used to treat skin conditions caused by bacteria and fungus.

It helps clear up conditions like acne, ringworms, athlete’s foot and more! Because it’s so concentrated, you don’t need to use too much of it. Just a couple of drops should do the trick.

4) It’s a natural deodorant – if you’re like me, then you’ve experimented with many different deodorants before.

While most of them do an okay job of masking body odor, none of them seem to actually stop the body odor from developing in the first place! If you suffer from excessive sweating or if your body produces a particularly pungent odor, then tea tree oil can help.

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