Benefits of a Sea Salt Bath

Benefits of a Sea Salt Bath:

1) You will feel better after taking a sea salt bath.

This is because your body needs salt to function properly. If you don’t have enough salt in your system, then it becomes difficult for you to perform essential functions such as breathing, digestion, blood circulation etc. It is also known that when there isn’t enough sodium in the blood stream, it causes high levels of acidity which are harmful to health.

2) You will get rid of bad breath.

A common problem among people is bad breath. Bad Breath can cause various problems like headaches, stomach aches, heartburn, indigestion etc. When you take a sea salt bath, you can remove the unpleasant smell from your mouth without any side effects.

3) You will improve your skin condition and make it smooth and healthy again.

Your skin condition can become damaged due to stress or other factors. Taking a sea salt bath helps you to rejuvenate your skin condition and makes it healthy again.

4) You will improve your hair condition and make it shiny again.

Hair is one of the most important parts of our bodies. Without good hair, you won’t be able to wear proper clothes and look attractive at all times. When you take a sea salt bath, your hair will shine up beautifully with no side effects.

5) You will improve your breathing capacity.

Taking a sea salt bath helps you to improve your ability to take deeper breaths. Along with increasing your lung capacity, it also improves your respiratory system as a whole.

6) You will become less agitated and more relaxed after taking a sea salt bath.

Most people are stressed out nowadays due to the fast-paced lifestyle in the modern world. Taking a sea salt bath will help you to relax and stay calm under pressure. Your body will feel less tensed up and this will lead to improved focus and concentration as well. This way you can do your tasks more efficiently and get more things done throughout the day.

Other than the benefits mentioned above, there are a lot of other advantages of taking a sea salt bath on a regular basis. You can breathe properly, sleep better, have better skin tone and be more relaxed. There are a lot of other advantages as well. If you want to experience all these benefits for yourself, try taking sea salt baths on a regular basis. You will feel great afterwards whenever you do this.

The Dead Sea is also called the Salt Sea. One reason is it has over twenty percent of salt in its waters and second is due to the fact that there is no life in it. No fish or plant life can survive in its waters. However, it has other benefits to your skin and body as you will see. The Dead Sea is made up of ten percent salinity which is more than the ocean.

It is called the Dead Sea due to the fact that anything coming into contact with its water dies.

How does one take a bath in such salty waters?

Before jumping in, you must wash first. The idea here is not to soak in the water or get it all over you. You only get the water on your skin and rub it in the way you would with a normal soap or shower gel. This way, your pores are open and can be cleansed thoroughly. When you are done, you can jump into the Dead Sea. When in the waters, don’t panic. The water might be over ten times the salinity of regular seawater but it doesn’t taste salty at all. It’s just like any other water. You can stay in as long as you want and swim about. You may find that the water is a bit warm so take a quick dip if you prefer a colder experience. After your swim, you can go back on the shore and do the same routine of rubbing the water into your skin. Straight after you can feel how soft your skin is. The salt has dried on your skin and it won’t come off as easily as normal.

Doing this regularly can have a number of benefits. As mentioned before it improves the condition of your skin, making it softer, smoother and clearer. It also acts as a detox, getting rid of harmful toxins in your body and can even help with your cellulite! It is even believed to have curative powers for certain conditions such as Rheumatism, Arthritis, Osteoporosis and even Eczema. It should be noted that you should not do this if you suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure.

In fact anybody with a condition should consult their doctor first to see if it is suitable.

When you get out of the water you will feel a tingling feeling all over your body. This is believed to be the Dead Sea’s gift to you known as “The Gift of Energy”. You will notice an improvement in your mood and some even say their vision improves. After getting out of the water, you are also supposed to feel energized and full of life. You can go for a run or do some heavy exercise without feeling tired or fatigued at all.

This effect only lasts about a half hour, but it can be a great help if you need an energy boost at any time during the day.

Due to the increased demand for these products, manufacturers have started to produce Dead Sea cosmetics and skincare lines. These are not as good as the real thing but they do offer some of the same benefits. The minerals in these products are good for your skin and will hydrate it, which will have a positive effect on your appearance.

So if you ever find yourself in Israel or near the Dead Sea, make sure you go for a swim. It’s good for your mind, body and soul.

What else can you do at the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea has long been known as a place for healing and there are many places around its shores that offer different types of treatments from mud, to mineral and even lights.

Let’s start with the mud. The Dead Sea has a very high amount of minerals in it and as we know, mud is great for moisturizing the skin. This quality is doubled when combined with the waters of the Dead Sea. The high concentration of minerals in the mud such as salt, magnesium and potassium help to re-hydrate and nourish your skin leaving it looking youthful and radiant. There are many places around the Dead Sea that offer this treatment such as:

The Lotem Spa in the Hotel Montefiore located at the north end of the sea. The spa has its own private beach area, a pool overlooking the Dead Sea and offers a number of mud based treatments.

Another luxurious location is the Dead Sea Hotel Spa. One of the newest hotels in the area, it has a private beach and offers a unique treatment in which they cover you from head to toe in mud and then wrap you in blankets to make sure the mud stays on your skin. They then place you in a sauna like room where the mud is supposed to pull the toxins from your body through your pores.

A more popular place with the locals is the IsraMoama Spa. This location doesn’t offer the luxury that the other two do, but it is much cheaper and still offers a great way to experience the healing benefits of Dead Sea mud.

If the mud isn’t your thing, there are also mineral baths. These are big round pools filled with Dead Sea water and different types of minerals. The temperatures of the water vary, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Some of the more popular locations are:

The Rotem Spa is located in a suburb of the city of Sodom on the south end of the sea and has allegedly been there since 3000 BC! The mineral baths here range from very hot to very cold.

Also located near Sodom, but on the east side is The Ein Bokek Spa.

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