An Informative And Honest Provestra Review

One of the sexual enhancers we have tried and tested is Provestra. This is a product that is made to help women boost their overall sexual health. The manufacturers of this product claim that it is made using just natural ingredients. They further claim that the product can address all the sexual problems that are common in women.

The product is said to dilate the blood vessels consequently resulting in enhanced blood flow towards the tissues found in the vaginal region.

The Composition

Provestra is made using a total of 21 ingredients which are; zinc, vitamin E, biotin, kudzu, damiana leaves, licorice root, iron, indole-3 carbinol, folic acid, valerian root, ascorbic acid, red raspberries, theobromine, ginkgo biloba, vitamin b complex, calcium carbonate, ginger root, ginseng, black cohosh root and L-arginine. The manufacturer says that these ingredients work together to increase libido among the women who use this product.

Those Who Can Use It

This sexual enhancer can be used by almost any woman who is sexually active and is beyond eighteen years. But it is most ideal for women reaching menopause and their sexual drive is reducing.

Women who are pregnant and those with an underlying health condition are discouraged from taking sexual enhancer. It comes in pills where the user is required to use one pill on a daily basis.

The users are encouraged to use the pills regularly because taking breaks usually reduce their effectiveness. This means that a woman who wants to get the desired results should not take even a single day break from taking the pills. The manufacturer says the users will start seeing the difference within seven days but it takes longer in some women.


  • It is shipped in discreet
  • Has been in the market for more than sixteen years

Effects and Results

  • It does not work in all women
  • Some of the ingredients have severe side effects
  • It takes a long time before it can produce the desired effects
  • Taking the pills on a daily basis can be hectic especially for busy women
  • If one does not take the pills even for a day the pills will not produce the expected results

Why It Is Not Advisable To Purchase or Use Provestra

By buying and using this sexual enhancer you might be putting your general health at risk. This is because some of the ingredients used to make it can cause serious side effects.

The fact that this product does not work on all women means that you might be one of the women it does not work on. So by buying it you will have wasted your money for nothing.


From our analysis, we have concluded that Provestra is not a product that is worth spending money on. We did intensive tests and we found that some of the ingredients are harmful.

There are also some women who have complained about different health effects after using this product. Therefore, Provestra is not an ideal product for a woman who is looking to get enhanced sexual health.