All About Common Skin Disorders

1. Acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is a type of acne that occurs mainly on the face and trunk. It may occur at any age but it tends to increase with age. It is one of the most common skin diseases. The main cause of acne vulgaris are various factors such as genetics, diet, stress, sun exposure, hormonal changes and many others.

There are several treatments available to treat acne vulgaris including topical medications, antibiotics, hormones and surgery.

2. Eczema

Eczema is a type of skin condition characterized by redness, swelling or irritation of the affected areas due to excessive dryness or tightness of the skin barrier (epidermis). It is caused by an imbalance between the natural oils produced by the sebaceous glands and the dead skin cells left over from previous infections. Eczematous conditions are classified into two groups: primary eczema and secondary eczema. Primary eczema usually develops during childhood or adolescence, while secondary eczema generally develops after puberty.

Both types of eczema have similar symptoms; however, they differ in their severity and duration.

3. Acne conglobata

Acne conglobata is a rare type of acne that occurs mainly within the oil glands of the skin. It is also known as ‘ice-pick’ acne due to its appearance. Acne conglobata mainly affects men and boys; however, it may occur in women and girls as well. Its cause is unknown; however, it is likely to be due to an overactive sebaceous gland.

It is also thought to be triggered by various factors such as heredity, skin trauma and dirt in or around the hair follicles. The main symptoms of acne conglobata include the formation of nodules, cysts and pustules that are very firm and deep in the skin.

4. Dermatitis

Dermatitis is a broad term for inflammation of the skin. There are many different types of dermatitis, including atopic, contact, dyshidrotic, irritant and stasis dermatitis. All types of dermatitis can cause an itchy rash. Atopic dermatitis is an allergic condition that leads to dry skin.

Contact dermatitis mainly affects areas of the skin exposed to external factors such as chemicals or cosmetics. Dyshidrotic dermatitis is an itchy rash that mainly affects the hands. Stasis dermatitis affects skin areas that have reduced blood flow, such as the legs and ankles. Irritant dermatitis mainly occurs on areas of the skin affected by prolonged exposure to irritants.

5. Lichen simplex

Lichen simplex is a type of skin disease that causes itchy, red spots on the skin. It mainly occurs on the neck, armpits, inner thighs and genitals. The exact cause of lichen simplex is unknown; however, it is believed to be due to emotional stress or itching. It usually occurs in children between the ages of 1 and 5 years and most often affects girls.

6. Pyoderma

Pyoderma is a type of skin disease that causes pus-filled bumps to develop on the skin. It can affect any region of the skin; however, it mainly occurs in areas of the skin with intensive hair growth such as the beard area, underarms or groin. Pyoderma can be caused by various factors such as contact with pets or fleas, skin infections, hot and humid climates, insect bites and human bite wounds. Pyoderma is also known as ‘pyo’, a combination of the words ‘pyorrhea’ and ‘dermatitis’.

7. Pityriasis rosea

Pityriasis rosea is a common skin condition that mainly affects children and teenagers. It rarely occurs in adults. Typically, it causes a rash of pink spots to develop on the torso. The rash will then spread outwards to the limbs.

The exact cause of pityriasis rosea is unknown; however, it is believed to be due to a virus. It typically lasts between six weeks and three months.

8. Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a long-term skin condition that mainly affects children or adults who have a history of certain allergies, such as asthma, hay fever and food allergies. It mainly causes itchy, red skin that may occasionally ooze or bleed. The condition is often hereditary and thought to be due to a defect within the immune system.

9. Sweet’s syndrome

Sweet’s syndrome is a rare condition that mainly affects the connective tissues such as fat, tendons, muscles and skin. It most commonly affects people between the ages of 40 and 70 years; however, it may affect younger people as well. The most common symptoms of Sweet’s syndrome include a high fever and sores or swelling in the skin.

10. Acne excoriee

Acne excoriee is a chronic form of acne that mainly affects the face. It is characterized by multiple cysts that form around the nose, cheeks or jawline. The main cause of acne excoriee is believed to be excessive picking or rubbing the skin. Acne excoriee often requires treatment with antibiotics and retinoids.

Skin diseases can affect people of all ages and genders. It is important to seek immediate treatment from a doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms of skin diseases, as some types can lead to complications if left untreated.

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