All About Bird Mites

All About Bird Mites: What are they?

Bird mites are microscopic insects that live in the feathers of birds. They cause no harm to humans or pets. However, some species of bird mite can cause health problems if they bite people’s skin or eyes. If bitten by these species, it may take several days before symptoms appear. Most cases do not require medical attention and most people recover completely without any lasting effects from their bites.

How do they Bite People?

The main way that bird mites bite people is through the mouth. They usually feed on blood, but sometimes they will also feed on other body fluids such as sweat, tears and saliva. These types of biting bugs are called blood feeding birds because they often suck blood directly from their victims’ wounds. Other species of bird mite have been known to bite people when they are flying near them or even inside houses where there is a window open.

What Temperature Kills Bird Mites?

There are many different ways that bird mites can kill people. Some species of bird mite only survive at certain temperatures. For example, the red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) only survives at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Other species of bird mite thrive at higher temperatures than the red imported fire ants. They thrive at higher temperatures than the red imported fire ants. Others live in cold climates and are able to survive the winter months.

How Do You Get Rid of Bird Mites?

Most people who are bitten by bird mites do not see a doctor or seek medical treatment immediately after being bitten. However, with more serious bites or depending on the person’s sensitivity, an allergic reaction may develop within a few minutes up to several hours after being bitten. In severe cases, an allergic reaction may cause hives, trouble breathing and swelling of the throat that may cause asphyxiation. If you suspect that you or someone else is having an allergic reaction to a bird mite bite, seek emergency medical attention immediately by calling 911 or your local emergency number.

What are the Symptoms of a Bird Mite Bite?

The symptoms of bird mite bites on people can vary depending on the species and the person being bitten.

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