A Detailed And Honest HerSolution Review

One of the products that we have dealt with is a sexual enhancer known as HerSolution. This particular enhancer comes in two parts which are pills and a gel. One need to take one pill on a daily basis regardless of whether one is having sex on that day or not while the gel is to be rubbed on the vaginal area before intercourse.

The instruction says that the pill can be taken at any time of the day but if one is planning to have sex the pill should be used about an hour before intercourse. The gel needs to be used just a few minutes before sex.

The Composition

As a big organization dealing with a sexual enhancer, we had to look at the composition of HerSolution. The pills are made using; Niacin, hops extracts, gingko biloba, DHEA, Tribulus Terrestris, epimedium, melatonin and cayenne pepper. On the other hand, the gel is made using; L-arginine, cocoa butter, triethanolimine, shea butter, aloe vera extracts, carbopal ultrez polymer, dipropylene glycol and citric acid. The manufacturer says that these ingredients complement each other to produce the expected results.

Those Who Can Use It

This sexual enhancer is primarily meant for women who might be losing interest in sex. These include both young and older women. It is said that it eliminates dryness while at the same time producing arousal effects.


  • Shipped discreetly
  • There is a money back policy

Effects and Results

  • It might take even three months before the sexual enhancer can produce any results
  • The Niacin which is one of the leading ingredients might cause face flushing
  • It is a must to use both the gel and the pills
  • There are women who did not get the expected results even after using this sexual enhancer for months
  • It is a must to use the pills on a daily basis even on the days one does not plan to have sex

Why It Is Not Advisable To Purchase or Use This Product

The main reason why you should not consider buying this product is that some of the ingredients are harmful. This is especially to the women who might have sensitive bodies. From our testing, we found out that not every woman can be able to handle some of the ingredients. This means that you should not spend your money on this product for you might be buying something that will cause you harm.


It is evident that HerSolution is a sexual enhancer that claims to work on all women. But by going through its qualities it is clear that the product does not produce the desired results on all women as claimed by the manufacturers.

We think that this sexual enhancer has not even been approved by any doctor. Therefore, HerSolution is one of the many sexual enhancers in the market which do not produce the exact results they promise.