9 Mattresses Made for Side Sleepers

Best Mattress For Side Sleeper With Lower Back Pain?

The first thing you need to know is that there are different types of side sleepers. There are those who have low back pain and those who don’t. The type of your back pain will determine which kind of mattress you should choose. If it’s just mild or moderate, then you might want to consider a firm mattress like the one made from memory foam. However, if it’s severe, then you’ll probably benefit from a softer mattress.

When choosing the right mattress for your needs, you should keep these factors in mind:

How much weight do you put on your back each night? Do you get tired easily? How often do you wake up during the night due to pain? Is sleeping on your stomach difficult? Are there any other issues that may cause problems with sleep (such as restless legs syndrome)?

If you’re not sure what type of mattress works best for you, here are some tips:

For mild to moderate back pain, a firm mattress may be too hard. Try using a firm mattress with memory foam instead.

A soft mattress with memory foam is better than a firmer one because it allows your body to relax into its natural position without strain.

If you have severe back pain, then you may need a mattress that is softer and has more give to it. However, this doesn’t mean it has to be too soft.

If your pain is due to arthritis or a herniated disk, then you may want to consider using a memory foam mattress instead. Unlike traditional mattresses which can aggravate such conditions, a memory foam one relieves the pressure off your sore joints and back.

When you lie on your side, do you feel as if you are rolling towards your stomach or head?

This often means that your body is unable to sink into the mattress. When this happens, it causes the joints in your shoulder and hip to twist which can lead to pain and soreness. To prevent this from happening, you should try using a pillow top mattress instead. These types of mattresses have extra padding which means you sink into them more easily.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers With Back Pain

If you’ve ever had back pain, you know how difficult it can be to get a good nights sleep. You toss and turn all night, waking up every couple of hours in pain.

Being a side sleeper doesn’t make it any easier either. Lying on your side cramps up your back and keeps it from resting. Luckily there is a solution!

The Purple Mattress is unlike any other mattress you have ever used. It is designed to relieve pressure and provide the perfect level of support for your aching back.

Rather than using coils that can press into your body and cause pain, this mattress uses hyper-elastic polymer (a kind of foam) that can shape itself to your body.

Unlike traditional memory foam that traps heat, this material cools as your warm body lays on it. The bottom of the mattress is also designed to relieve pressure on your shoulder so you can rest in peace.

The Purple Mattress is a great choice for back pain as well as anyone who tends to sleep hot. Its innovative design means it is more supportive than most traditional mattresses without the need for unnecessary coils.

It has a top layer of hyper-elastic polymer for comfort as well as a cool interior layer to keep your body from over heating.

Watch This Video To See The Purple Mattress In Action!

Does The Purple Mattress Really Work?

The Purple Mattress is a unique design that comes with great reviews. More than half of its owners give it 5 stars on Amazon. This is definitely a great indicator that it can live up to its claims of relieving back pain and cooling the body. The only complaints seem to be from owners who don’t remember to set their correct weight when making their mattress order.

The maximum weight recommended is 350 pounds so if you are heavier than this then it’s possible that your mattress won’t live up to your expectations (although you can get a full refund if this is the case). However, for everyone else who weighs less than this, the Purple Mattress should be a welcome relief to your back pain and allow you to sleep soundly at night.

If you are looking for a mattress that can provide your body with perfect support while also giving your back the relief it needs, then the Purple Mattress is a great choice. Its innovative design uses special foams to mold perfectly to your body shape without putting pressure on your joints or spine.

Its 4.5 star rating on Amazon shows that it can live up to its claims and it is a great choice for any back pain sufferer.

Pick yours up today and start sleeping soundly tonight!

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