8 Tips for Overcoming Codependence

8 Tips for Overcoming Codependency:

1) You are not your problems.

Your problem is not what you did wrong or didn’t do right; it’s what you have done wrong or don’t want to do right.

2) If someone else doesn’t like something, then they shouldn’t say anything at all.

They should just leave you alone and let you think about things on your own without them interfering with your thoughts.

3) If someone else is doing something you don’t like, then you need to get rid of them from your life completely.

Don’t even speak to them anymore. Just ignore them and move on.

You will eventually learn that if you stay around someone who does not treat you well, it will affect your life negatively.

4) If someone else is bothering you, then you need to get rid of them immediately.

Don’t listen to their excuses, because they aren’t worth listening too.

5) When someone is making trouble for you, it means that they are trying to hurt your feelings.

So don’t take it personally when they make fun of your appearance or act mean towards you. You deserve better than that!

6) Always try to spend time with people who make you feel good.

They are the ones you want to be around!

7) Your friends should respect you and your boundaries.

If they don’t, then that’s a sign that they aren’t right for you. It’s time to let them go and focus on better friendships.

8) Your life will be so much happier if you surround yourself with people who make you smile.

So go and find some new friends, because the old ones weren’t doing you any good!

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