6 Surprising Benefits of Celery Seeds

Celery seeds are one of the most popular vegetables grown in America. They’re not only delicious but they have many health benefits too! Celery seeds contain a number of nutrients which make them very useful in your diet. There’s no doubt that celery seeds are good for you because they provide vitamins A, C, K, B6 and folic acid. These vitamins play vital roles in maintaining healthy body functions such as brain function, heart health and immune system. Celery seeds are also rich in fiber, magnesium, manganese and potassium.

The most interesting thing about celery seeds is their anti-inflammatory properties. This means that they have powerful antioxidant effects which protect against diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Another reason why these seeds are beneficial is because they contain phytochemicals, or plant compounds with medicinal qualities. These include flavonoids, phenolics, terpenes and other substances.

In addition to its numerous health benefits, celery seeds are also known for their taste. They’re sweet and have a mild flavor which makes them perfect for salads.

Celery seeds are also high in protein content making them great ingredients for recipes that require meat substitutes. You may even want to add some celery seeds into your morning coffee if you suffer from insomnia due to allergies or asthma symptoms.

Celery seeds can be bought at the supermarket or online. They should last up to one year when kept in a cool, dry place such as your kitchen cabinet.

If you’re interested to try celery seeds for the first time, here is one easy recipe that you can follow:


 2 tbsp. celery seeds

 1 tsp. honey

 1 cup water


1. Boil the water in a small pot.

2. Put the celery seeds and honey into a mug

3. Once the water is boiled, remove the pot from the heat and pour the water into the mug.

Stir well until the honey is dissolved.

4. Leave it to cool then drink before going to bed.

5. Relax and drink a full glass of water before going to bed too.

Always remember to consult your doctor first before trying celery seeds or any other herbal remedy.

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