5 Hacks to Help Your Anxiety Go from Debilitating to High-Functioning

5 Hacks To Help Your Anxiety Go from Debilitating to High-Functioning

1) Use Ice Cubes For Anxiety:

Ice cubes are great for relieving your anxiety. You can use them whenever you feel anxious or stressed out. If you have trouble concentrating, put some ice cubes in a glass of water and drink it immediately after taking a shower.

It will help you concentrate better and relax your mind.

2) Eat Healthy Food:

Eating healthy food is good for your health and helps you to stay calm. Eating foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds are all very beneficial for your mental well being. Avoid eating junk food because it causes stress which leads to anxiety.

You may need to eat less than usual if you suffer from chronic anxiety disorder. However, don’t starve yourself! Try to keep your calorie intake at a normal level.

3) Exercise:

Exercise helps relieve stress and boost your mood. Regular exercise increases levels of endorphins, which reduce pain perception and increase energy levels. Exercising regularly will improve your mental health.

If you are unable to exercise due to physical problems, try yoga or meditation classes instead.

4) Get Enough Sleep:

When you suffer from anxiety, your ability to concentrate decreases, which can lead to problems at work or school. One of the best ways to improve your concentration is to get a good night’s sleep. When you are sleep deprived, you will find it difficult to focus on any task.

Unfortunately, due to your anxiety, you may have difficulty sleeping. Try drinking chamomile tea before going to bed or practicing some deep breathing exercises.

5) Caffeinate Yourself:

If you are experiencing a severe anxiety attack, have a cup of coffee or any caffeinated beverage. Caffeine has been proven to eliminate fatigue and improve concentration. This is especially useful if you have to take an important exam or attend a meeting at work.

Too much caffeine can cause anxiety and increase your heart rate, which will make your anxiety worse. Never exceed your daily caffeine intake and drink plenty of water to avoid excessive dehydration.

The above are just some of the many hacks to help you manage your anxiety. If you are in a serious state of anxiety, you should consult a doctor immediately. The above information should be used as general guidelines only.

We hope that you find this post useful and that it helps you to manage your anxiety.

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