5 Easy Rhomboid Exercises to Define Your Back

1. Prone Lateral Raise:

The prone lateral raise is one of the most popular exercises for strengthening your lats. It works them out in a way that they have never been worked before. You are able to do it with just your hands or even without any assistance from other muscles at all!

2. Front Raise Thumbs Up:

If you want to strengthen your front raises then this exercise will help you accomplish that goal very well indeed! It strengthens your pecs and triceps while working your back too.

3. Scapular Retraction:

You might think that the scapula would move forward when you retract it but actually its position stays the same, so much so that it looks like you’re doing nothing at all! If you want to develop a strong upperback then this exercise is perfect for you.

4. Rear Deltoid Flys:

Rear delts are often neglected in the gym but if you want to develop them properly then this exercise is great for that purpose. They work their rear delts hard and they get a good workout too!

5. Scapular Wall Slides:

The scapula is a very complex structure. It consists of different muscles that move it and as you know, if your muscles are weak then they are prone to injury. These exercises strengthen the entire scapula and keep your shoulders healthy too!


These 5 easy rhomboid exercises will help you get a stronger back and prevent injuries to it. You’ll be able to enjoy playing your favorite sport or activity without having to worry about a sore back!

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