3 Variations of Reverse Pushups and How to Do Them

3 Variations of Reverse Push Ups and How to Do Them:

1) Reverse Palm Push Up (RPM) – You do this variation with palms facing each other.

It is very easy and requires no equipment. There are two ways to perform it. One way is to place your hands behind your head while doing the exercise or another way is to put them on top of one another like a cross between a chin up and pull up position.

2) Reverse Hand Push Up (RHPUW) – This variant is done with both hands placed on top of each other.

You have to use some sort of support such as a chair or table if you want to make it easier.

3) Cross Body Push Up (CBPUW) – This variation involves placing your feet on the floor and putting your hands on the back of your knees while performing the exercise.

In this post we will discuss three different variations of reverse push ups. Let’s start with the most basic version which is the RPM.

What Is Reverse Palm Push Up?

The reverse palm push up is a simple but effective exercise that helps strengthen all parts of your body including your chest, shoulders, arms and legs. The movement consists of lying down on your stomach with palms facing away from you and raising yourself up using only your upper body strength. This exercise can be modified in several ways to make it easier or more difficult depending on your current fitness level and goals.

Reverse palm push up is also known as reverse push up, reversed push up, cross body push up, RPM and many other names.

Reverse palm push up is a type of push up that engages the chest, arms and shoulders (front of the upper body), and to a lesser degree the core, legs and buttocks (rear of the upper body).

Reverse palm push up mainly works the muscles in your front of your upper body. The movement involves lying face down on the ground with palms outstretched and facing away from your body. When you do this exercise, your elbows should be tucked firmly against your sides.

While keeping your body straight and in a slightly arched position, you raise yourself up by using your arm and shoulder muscles. You exhale as you push up and inhale as you lower yourself down. The key to a good reverse palm push up is to keep your head, hips and feet in a straight line throughout the movement.

The upper body remains stationary while only the elbows move. This means that you use your shoulder, arm and chest muscles to move yourself up and down. In addition, it is also important to note that both shoulders should end up at the same height at the top of the movement. Do not raise one shoulder without raising the other one as well.

Reverse palm push up primarily works your chest. It also works your shoulders and triceps a little bit as well.

Reverse palm push up is an upper body strengthening exercise that works many of the muscles in your chest. It is an excellent way to improve your posture and can help relieve or prevent many common upper body ailments such as rounded shoulders. This exercise is easy to do at home, at work or even in a hotel room while on the road.

To effectively strengthen your chest, you should aim for at least 150 to 200 repetitions three times per week if you are a beginner. You can do this by performing as many repetitions as you can in five sets. Wait about a minute or less before doing your next set. As you get more fit, increase your repetitions to 200 or more each time you do the exercise.

You can then decrease the rest period to 90 seconds between each sets.

You can also use hand weights to make the exercise more challenging. For beginners, two to five pound hand weights should do the trick. You can use heavier weights as you get stronger.

Practice perfect form when doing reverse palm push up to get the most out of this movement pattern.

Reverse palm push up is a great exercise for people with desk jobs or anyone else that leads a mostly sedentary lifestyle. The exercise works a number of muscles in your chest and arms while sparing your joints and low back. It can help strengthen your shoulders, core and upper body, which can improve your posture and make you less prone to injury. It can also help you develop a stronger and more athletic looking upper body.

This exercise is very easy to do at work or at home in your free time. It requires no special equipment and can be done virtually anywhere.

Reverse palm push up is an excellent way for offices to promote better posture and healthier employees.

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