19 Standing Sex Positions

1) Cowgirl: A woman lies on her stomach with one leg up on the edge of a chair or table.

She then reaches down and grabs onto the back of the person sitting next to her and pulls them toward herself. This position requires great flexibility, strength, stamina, and endurance.

2) Doggie Style: A man sits facing away from a woman holding onto her legs while she straddles him (or vice versa).

They both remain standing but their bodies are now touching each other.

3) French Kissing: Two women kiss passionately on top of a man’s head.

4) Headstand: A woman stands on her toes and holds onto the back of another woman’s neck.

5) Horseback Riding: A man rides into a room, grabbing hold of the nearest object and riding it around the room until they reach a destination where they continue to ride around each other.

6) Jogging: A man runs along a path, jumping over obstacles.

7) Jumping Jacks: Two men jump off high buildings together.

8) Lying Down: A woman lies face down on the floor with her knees bent and her hands behind her head.

9) Masturbation Position 1: An older man kneels between a woman’s legs and begins stroking himself through his pants while telling the woman to do likewise.

10) Masturbation Position 2: A woman lies on her back while a man lowers his pants enough to allow him to crouch over her and touch himself in her general direction. 11) Missionary: A man and a woman lie on their backs and thrust their groins together. 12) Sitting Back to Chest: A man rubs the shoulders of the woman, whose head is resting on his chest.

13) Sitting Sideways: A woman sits sideways on a man’s lap with her legs wrapped around him. He holds her in place by holding her arms at the elbows. 14) Standing: A man and a woman stand close facing each other allowing their genitals to rub together through their clothing. 15) Walking: Two people hold hands as they walk side by side, transporting them from one place to another.

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