13 Things to Know About Vaginal Taste

13 Things To Know About Vaginal Taste:

1) There are different types of taste buds on your tongue.

They are called papillae (pronounced pah-PILL-ee). You have two kinds of papilla, one located near the tip of your tongue and another located in the back part of your throat. The papilla is responsible for flavor perception and smell.

2) The taste buds are made up of cells that contain thousands of specialized receptors.

These receptors respond to chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Some of these neurotransmitters include acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and others.

3) When you eat or drink something sweet, the taste bud receives a signal from the brain telling it what kind of food or beverage you just ate or drank.

Your taste buds then send signals to your brain telling it what kind of food or beverage you just tasted.

4) Certain foods and beverages cause the taste buds to release certain chemicals into your bloodstream which causes the neurons in your mouth to fire.

These neurons tell the brain that you have eaten or drunk something sweet. This is called chemesthesis.

5) Everyone’s taste bud and sense of sweet is different, which is another reason why people have varying opinions about certain foods or beverages.

6) People who undergo chemotherapy lose their ability to taste due to the fact that they lose their taste buds while undergoing the process.

This causes a decrease in food satisfaction and an increase in the risk of malnutrition.

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