Taking Care of a Swollen Face

Taking care of a swollen face is one of the most common problems that occur after facial surgery. After facial surgery, swelling occurs on the face. Sometimes swelling happens because of infection or other reason. If you have taken care of your swollen face properly, then it will not cause any problem at all. But if you are still having problems with your swollen face, then there are some things which could help you out to solve this problem quickly and effectively.

1) Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before eating, drinking or touching anything else.

You do not want to spread germs around.

2) Do not touch your mouth with the side of your hand when you eat or drink.

Doing so may cause bacteria to get into your mouth and cause an infection. Instead, use a tissue or clean cloth to wipe off the food particles from between your fingers.

3) Avoid contact with water during the day time.

Keep away from sources of water such as sinks, toilets and showers. These sources of water can cause infections and swelling.

4) Wash your hands often with soap and warm water after using the toilet or showering.

This helps prevent bacterial growth in your hands.

5) Take a bath every once in awhile instead of just bathing daily.

Do not use any soaps, shampoos or any other type of cleansers while bathing. Instead, use a washcloth dampened with warm water to wipe down your skin. This will make sure that no bacteria grow in your fresh wounds.

6) Turn your head sideways when you sneeze or cough.

This ensures that the fluids will go to the side and not directly on your wounds.

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