Do We Have Sexual Tension, or Is It Just Me? 22 Signs to Watch For

The following are some of the most common signs of sexual tension:

1) You have noticed that your friend looks at you a bit shyly when talking to you.

He/She does not look at other people while speaking to you.

2) Your friend seems nervous whenever he talks to you.

3) When your friend speaks, his voice sounds slightly different than usual.

4) Your friend’s eyes seem to follow yours.

5) You notice that your friend keeps looking away from you when he is talking to you.

6) You notice that your friend seems to be avoiding eye contact with others while speaking with you.

7) Your friend seems uncomfortable when he is around other people while talking with you 8) You see that your friend occasionally makes small movements with his hands while speaking to you 9) Your friend often changes the topic of conversation during conversations.

10) Your friend sometimes starts laughing while talking to you 11) You notice that your friend makes small gestures with his hands while speaking to you 12) Your friend often says “I love” or “You’re so pretty”. 13) Your friend starts smiling a lot or laughing during conversations with you. 14) Your friend seems to have moved closer to you while talking to you. 15) You notice that your friend is becoming suddenly more talkative. 16) Your friend suddenly switches the topic of conversation from other things to sexual things.

17) You notice that your friend has been acting very clingy or touchy lately. 18) You see that your friend seems to show signs of joy when he sees you. 19) Your friend starts to make comments about other people being attractive within your hearing. 20) Your friend frequently uses double entendres when speaking to you. 21) You notice that your friend has been acting very flirtatious towards you lately. 22) You find yourself having feelings of nervousness, fear, anticipation, joy, panic, or anxiety whenever you are around your friend.

Please note that these are only possible signs of sexual tension. If you have more than three of these signs, it is very likely that your friend may be attracted to you.

Whether your friend is into you or not, the best way to find out is to ask him/her on a date.

When asking someone on a date, make sure that you look your best. Wear a nice outfit and apply perfume/cologne.

Before asking someone on a date, it might be a good idea to make plans with them in advance. This way, you won’t look needy if you ask them on a date immediately after agreeing to do something with them.

You should always pay for the person that you are on a date with, no matter what the circumstance is.

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