An Alzheimer’s Vaccine Won’t Be Approved Anytime Soon, Here’s Why

Alzheimer’s Disease Is A Serious Condition That Can Lead To Death If Not Treated Properly. There Are Several Types Of Alzheimer’s Disease And They Have Different Symptoms. Some symptoms are: confusion; forgetfulness; trouble with thinking and memory; depression, anger, irritability and loss of interest in usual activities; hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren’t there); difficulty speaking clearly or making simple sentences, and problems with balance and coordination. Other symptoms include: trouble walking, swallowing, talking and understanding speech; problems with vision and other senses; and difficulty learning new skills.

There Are Two Main Types Of Alzheimer’s Disease: Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Is Usually Found After Age 65. Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Is Usually Found Before Age 60. People With Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease May Or May Not Live Longer Than Those Without The Disorder.

The Most Common Cause Of Death For People Over The Age Of 65 Is Dementia. The Most Commonly Found Types Of Dementia Are Alzheimer’s Disease And Vascular Dementia. Vascular Dementia Is Caused By Poor Blood Flow To The Brain, Which Can Be Due To Hardening Of The Arteries Or Aneurysms.

Researchers Think That There Are Many Things That May Cause Alzheimer’s Disease, Including Things You Can’t Change, Like Genetics, And Things You Can Change, Like Lifestyle. Risk Factors For Alzheimer’s Disease In addition To Aging There Are Other Risk Factors That May Increase The Odds Of Developing The Disease, Such As:

Being Female

High Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure

Having A Family Member With The Disease

Getting Head Trauma Or Having Been A Prisoner Of War


Diabetes And Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Using Certain Illegal Drugs, Like Cocaine And Heroin

Eating A High

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