Acne on Your Temples

Acne on your Temples: Causes and Symptoms

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Must I Continue Using This Acne Regimen Forever?

Does Proactiv Work to Get Rid of My Acne?

Does a Skin Peel Clear Up Acne Quickly?

I Have Very Dry Skin.

What Kind of Moisturizer Should I Use?

What about Sun Protection Factor (SPF) When Using This Regimen?

Acne is a skin disease that affects many teenagers and young adults. It usually begins at puberty when a persons hormones are changing and they start producing more oil. Acne affects as many as 9 out of 10 teenagers, but can continue on into adulthood for some people. Acne is more common in males than females.Acne usually appears on the face, but can also appear on the back, chest and neck. The most common type of acne are pimples or comedones which are characterized by a redness on the skin with a white center (whitehead) or a redness with a tiny slit in the middle (blackhead). If the pore is open, bacteria can enter it and thus cause the inflammation that leads to a pimple. Other types of acne lesions are papules, which are small red bumps, pustules, which are similar to papules but with pus inside and nodules, which are large, painful red lumps under the skin.Acne can lead to permanent scarring if not treated properly.

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